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Collaborative comics database for geeks...

MadCollector is a collaborative database with powerfull tools to manage and share your comics collection. Based on Php/mysql couple with some ajax features, Madcollector aims to be both simple and powerful.

This CMS (Comics Management System) is based on a collaborative principle. The purpose of this engine is to stock data about comic-books : publishers, authors, summary... But also to help collectors to manage their own comics collection.

The database is a collective one. It means it's not based on a previous database stolen somewhere, but it's filled by authorized members.

It can be used in two ways :

The collection management includes the online list of comics the collector already has, so that he/she can find it anywhere in the world and export a PDF list, or so that friends know what comic-book might be a good idea for a present and avoid an awkward moment. It also includes an online search engine, to check anywhere which issue is missing in a a series or a long run.

The Dev team


Like many other comic-book collectors, I used to make a spreadsheet list of my belongings when I went shopping in Comic Marts, in order to avoid buying duplicate issues. But each time I also used to forget the list.

This is how this project was born. I wanted to be able to access my collection from anywhere if I ever forgot my list (which I often do).